About Jacci Ingham

I am a designated storm chaser and a keen photographer of Australian Landscape Photography and Lightning Photography living in Darwin Australia. I am constantly keeping an eye on the sky for any opportunities that may show. I have always had a deep passion for the details and beauty of Mother Nature life-force and have longed to capture her expressions, moods and colours from behind the glass.Jacci Ingham

Ever since I was a small child I have loved nature, especially the weather and the land. I used to think thunderstorms and lightning were terrifying events yet at the same time there was this strange attraction and fascination towards them; wanting to know why they happened and how they worked.

As a child I would sit outside in the back yard for hours at night to watch the lightning shows fire away in the distance as they rolled in until the thunder got too loud. Years later, during my late teenage years I tried my first attempts at lightning photography with cheap disposable cameras, without much luck.

I then moved on to digital where I bought my first cheap point and shoot camera, with a lot of practice and a keen eye I managed to capture my first lightning bolt, after this I was totally hooked. I slowly advanced my photographic ability over the last few years with practice, buying new cameras then finally entering into DSLR photography, which became a very regular hobby.

I'm also a long time member and moderator for one of Australia's most popular weather forums, North Aus Chasers. This is a fantastic site where weather enthusiasts, meteorologists and chasers alike get together and share real time discussions, photography, make new friends and of course, chase storms! :) You can visit the NAC forums from the following link: www.NorthAusChasers.com

Lightning & Australian Landscape Photography